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Yuri’s Night in Second Life: A Moveable Feast! 12 April 2016, 12:00 Noon — 20:00 til you drop April 12, 2016

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2016 Yuri’s Night in Second Life

Yuri’s Night 2016 at International Spaceflight Museum, with National Space Society in Second Life and Sagan Planetarium.

Yuri’s Night: a global celebration of humanity’s past, present, and future in space. Every year Yuri’s Night parties and events are held around the world on and around April 12 to commemorate Yuri Gagarin becoming the first human in space on April 12, 1961, AND launch of the first reusable spacecraft, the Space Shuttle, on April 12, 1981.

The International Spaceflight Museum (“ISM”), the Sagan Planetarium (“Sagan”), and National Space Society (“NSSinSL”) are sponsoring EIGHT HOURS of FREE music and fun in Second Life on Tuesday, April 12, for Yuri’s Night! “Fashion” is also a theme of Yuri’s Night so show off your best Retro, Fantasy, or Future duds! And be sure to look for assorted goodies and gifts!

Start at NOON PDT (19:00 Zulu) at the Saturn and Worlds Yuri’s Night Stage at The International Spaceflight Museum, designed and built by Opal Lei: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Spaceport%20Bravo/108/133/1603

All times are Second Life Time, SLT, which is also Pacific Daylight Time, PDT:

Noon—12:30 ISM’s Arisia “Ari” Vita plays Russian-inspired piano selections.

12:30—16:00 An Eclectic Super-sonic Flight Through Space And Time with DJs Eif and Em, a.k.a. Eifachfilm Vacirca and returning favorite Emileigh Starbrook, please welcome them both!

16:00—20:00 The party MOVES and continues at the Sagan Planetarium in Second Life: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Aspen/200/120/3730
Groove to the music stream of DJ Tobiath Tendaze! Strut your stuff in a space-themed costume contest! Converse with a global community about space and human spaceflight!

National Space Society in SL: https://nssinsl.wordpress.com
International Spaceflight Museum: http://www.ismuseum.org
Sagan Planetarium: Contact: Josh Nitschke in Second Life
Yuri’s Night International (find parties near you!): https://yurisnight.net


2016 Space Remembrance Day January 28, 2016

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National Space Society in Second Life (NSS in SL) Announces:

2016 Space Remembrance Day
Sunday, January 31, Noon to 2:00 pm Pacific Time
At the “Space Remembrance Walk” adjacent to the NASA Neil A. Armstrong Library and Archives

Space Remembrance Walk

Space Remembrance Walk at NSS in Second Life

Space Remembrance Walk at NSS in Second Life

Join us at Noon to remember those who gave their lives making our dreams of space a reality, advancing the day people will live, work and play in thriving communities beyond the Earth. We will discuss astronauts and crews, test pilots and civilians: all those we lost along the way; also space risks, accidents and disasters, and how they affect space exploration and development.

Then from 1:00 to 2:00 p.m. (Pacific) space musician Cypress Rosewood will perform a live Memorial Concert. Legendary composer-performer Cypress Rosewood creates musical magic with flutes, guitars and synthesizers throughout the SL world and is a metamedia treat to see live, in concert.

Cypress Rosewood

Cypress Rosewood: Live Music Performances On The Grid

Cypress Rosewood: Live Music Performance On The Grid

There is no charge. Donations are welcomed, however, by Cypress Rosewood and by NSS in SL (NSS donations are tax-deductible).

Please join us for this annual event and this year’s special concert. Worldwide public is invited.

As always, those not already familiar with Second Life, a computer Virtual Reality platform, should go to http://secondlife.com a couple of days in advance to go through tutorials and become familiar navigating “in-world”. Press the “Play for Free” button to set yourself up with an “avatar” and free software client, then after going through basic orientation you can paste this URL into your browser to attend the Space Remembrance: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/National%20Space%20Society/105/141/3005. Clicking on the map reference in the image will launch Second Life (if not already running) and teleport you right to the site. Participation in Second Life is free.

Do not be alarmed if seating appears limited. We are experts at making more seating. Sitting is preferred, actually, because it reduces CPU load and allows more avatars to attend.

Notice: Space Remembrance Day in Second Life is not formally affiliated with NASA’s Day of Remembrance, held this year on January 28, the 30th Anniversary of the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster. Unlike NASA’s Day of Remembrance, our Space Remembrance Day in Second Life is not limited to the United States, but is humanity-wide in scope, because we feel Space Development is a species-wide imperative.

Celebrating Second Life’s 12th Birthday 2015 June 20 — July 05 July 5, 2015

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NSS Expeditions Display

NSS in Second Life Mars Tourism Display in Context at Second Life 12th Birthday Exhibition

As we have in previous years, NSS in Second Life brainstormed a new, creative display for the twelfth Second Life Birthday Party (SL12B). Granted the usual approximately 30m x 30m plot, we, like hundreds of other Residents (yes, that appears to be Big Ben across the water), built a tight, creative tableau.

The overall theme of SL12B was “What Dreams May Come”, so our theme was “Mars Dreams: Ice Skating on Mars with NSS Expeditions”, concept by Ariel Miranda and the Oregon L5 Society Research Team.

In recent years we not only try to do something interesting and educational, but also make it useful to “bring home” and use at NSS’ own Sim permanently. This build looks to have the potential to be extremely useful and flexible, on the Moon as well as Mars.

NSS Expeditions

Ice Skate on Mars with NSS Expeditions!

This pressurized “rolligon” train with two touring cars rolls over most hazards as it travels across the Martian terrain (areain?). Actual travel is mostly at night. During the day adventure tourists debark for exploration, sightseeing and outdoor activities, such as this stop for ice skating on a triplet of frozen, water-filled craters.

The base Martian terrain is a true-color real terrain photograph as is the Martian sky. Actual (3-D) “boulders” have been added that match the size and distribution of natural boulders found on Mars. The vehicles were designed to “clear” 80%—90% of the actual boulders found on Mars. The tires are almost twice average human height and a person can easily walk beneath the modules.

One nice thing about VR (Virtual Reality) is that the panels making up the “sky” are completely transparent when viewed from the other side (see opening photograph), and “phantom” so that they may be walked (or flown) right through without harm.

A nominal “adventure tour” or “expedition” consists of six clients and two staff with enough supplies for two weeks in the field. There are a number of thoughtful design and outfitting concepts in this exhibit.

The vehicle is built of modular components, from the “trucks” housing batteries, motors, and giant low-pressure all-terrain tires, to standardized, pressurized “modules” with solar–electrical panels on the roof and radiation-shielded wide-angle windows on each side.

Each module can be fitted with different “ends”: shown here are two airlock assemblies on the outside ends, and a flexible pressurized coupler assembly joining the two coaches. Each airlock assembly includes a small closet and changing-area for donning and doffing spacesuits. The coupler includes four bathrooms (shower, commode, sink) including water supply and waste storage for recycling. The floor is built like the curving conveyor belts found in airport baggage claims. Other arrangements and additional special– and general–purpose “ends” are available.

The module on the left is the “Lounge Car” where meals are eaten, lectures given, media watched, and preparations made; the other module is the “Sleeper Car” with a half–dozen tiny “staterooms” and two open beds where staff sleeps.

A tall pole stabilizing the outside ramp includes a homing beacon (light and radio) and a high-compliance windsock to help read the weather. A crater “triplet” filled with frozen water is a natural ice-skating rink.

Exhibit Concept: Oregon L5 Society Research Team
Exhibit Designers & Builders: P’rng Flagstaff, Synthetic Jewell, and Ariel Miranda

Chassis Design

Where the Rubber Meets the Rocks

There are several important design elements to the modular “truck” assemblies:

The central “box” beneath and supporting the module and between the two wheels, is actually a pair of triangular “boxes” bound together by a strong torsion-bar spring (spare torsion bars are stowed under the module floors). This allows each wheel to have a semi-independent suspension to help smooth out the larger undulations of the rough, unimproved Martian terrain.

Batteries—charged from the rooftop solar cells—and controllers are inside each triangular “box”.

A strong parallelepiped spring assembly lifts the chassis base above the wheel centers, improving clearance over rough, rock-strewn Martian (or Lunar) landscapes. This suspension smooths out the medium variations in rock and terrain.

Attached to the lower portion of the parallelepiped suspension is a fixed-in-place electric motor, out of which comes the rotating, driven wheel hub assembly. The sensitive bearings are snuggled deep within the assembly to prevent dust contamination. Steering is accomplished by varying the torque/speed of each wheel.

Big, strong, inflated radial balloon tires provide a fine high-frequency (small impediments) smoothness to the ride. These tires are natural white latex colored. Powdered black basalt and orange iron oxide dust clinging by mechanical and electrostatic means add colorful shading.

Nearby (left) sits the “Mars Meteor Survey” instrument proposed in 2000 by the Oregon L5 Society Research Team. Touching this particular device gives out a copy of our Lunar and Planetary Institute paper.

P’rng’s Foolproof Airlock

P’rng’s Foolproof Airlock

One design feature of this build was P’rng’s Foolproof Airlock (n.b.: Second Life will not let P’rng include the apostrophê in his name, so it is “Prng” in–world. He has included a pronunciation guide in his profile in Second Life).

P’rng’s airlock consists of two self-similar hollow ovoids, one nested inside the other. The inner ovoid is open on one side and has a floor and a light. Under the floor is the rotation mechanism: a motor. The rotor of the motor is solidly fixed to the outer ovoid; upon activation, the motor, which itself is fixed to the inner ovoid, rotates itself and the ovoid around the fixed rotor. Therefore, the airlock has one moving part, the interior ovoid–and–motor assembly, which rotates on the z-axis in steps.

The outer ovoid has two opposing openings that match exactly the opening in the interior ovoid. The inner-ovoid walls are touch-sensitive so a touch activates the mechanism: there are no buttons or switches to corrode or wear out.

There are only two conditions: a person is inside and wants to go out, or outside and wants to go in.

When the user enters the airlock, it rotates 90°, sealing off the opening, and pauses while the atmosphere is matched to the destination (outside or inside). Once the atmosphere is normalized to the destination, the rotation continues to the next 90° which opens the inner ovoid to the destination. No doors, hinges, or latches are involved.

The airlock normally remains in the last-left state, as it is logical the user will sooner or later wish to return and reverse the process (which can continue rotating in the same direction to even-out wear). If another user is faced with the closed back of the interior ovoid, a touch will cause the airlock to cycle and present its opening to the new user.

The sign in the image says:

Prng’s Foolproof Airlock

If the door is closed:
touch the door.

Step inside.

Touch the wall.

Exit and walk forward.

Lounge Forward View

Lounge Forward View

There are two modular coaches in the NSS Expeditions “train”. The design capacity of this–sized train is eight souls: six clients and two crew or staff. The forward coach shown here is the Lounge Car where most waking inside activities take place.

Our P’rng Flagstaff is demonstrating the fold–out “pilot’s station” seat. The (lockable) controls are in the arms of the seat; piloting is done using the datascreen in the wall, fed by remote cameras, and the nearby window. When not in use, the station folds against the wall to create more space.

Note: the wall, or bulkhead, is not round but oval, indicating the oval cross-section of the coach like some tanker–trucks, for better volume utilization and increased stability of a lower center–of–gravity.

Materials used in construction are local-sourced (i.e., Mars) as much as practical, called In-Situ Resource Utilization, or ISRU. For example, the tabletops are made of artfully–inlaid local stone and textiles (seats, wall coverings) are made from home-grown sources. All the metals are smelted on Mars from Mars rocks, and the “waste heat” of the processes adds its bit to warming the planet.

Lounge Aft View

Lounge Aft View

The interiors of the two coaches are designed and styled to help keep the clients calm and comfortable. The walls of the Lounge are mint–green to relax the eyes from the extensive reds and oranges and blacks of the Martian landscape; natural materials and fabrics are used, including covering the bulkhead walls with textured fabric, to make the metal modules less harsh and more comfortable, as well as being somewhat sound-absorbing; the floor is a resilient material, warm to the touch and easy to walk on.

Under the floor is ample storage space for food, water, and supplies for eight people up to two weeks’ “away from civilization”.

The tables and chairs seem a bit high relative to the windows . . . but, because the necessary radiation shields overhang the windows, blocking the view upward, the higher furniture makes it easier to look across and down, where the actual view is. It’s also a little easier to watch activities near the “train”, which otherwise is so high that nearby ground views are harder to get.

Some of the amenities visible here are tables with swivel stools, small serving counter and wet bar, a hot coffee dispenser, and a small refrigerator just peeking out from the vertical edge of the counter. There is a sign indicating the fire extinguisher and a First Aid cabinet. Bathrooms are in the flex-section, just on the other side of the aft bulkheads.

The rectangular doorways hide “pocket doors” to save space.

The hand-lettered whiteboard above the First Aid Station on the aft bulkhead reads:

Overnight: Travel
Morning: Staff Setup
Afternoon: Skating
Dinner & Lounge

Sleeper Car

Sleeper Car

Considering how much these “adventure tourists” are paying, it’s amazing what they’ll put up with. Here is a view down the hall of the “Sleeper Car”, outfitted in relaxing Cadet Blue livery. There are six tiny private “suites” off the hallway, with securable pocket doors, and two open bunks at the front left and rear right for crew.

As illustrated by the view of a bed on the left, additional space is acquired by a storage drawer under the mattress. A user opens or closes the drawer by touching it (click the mouse cursor) and can “drop” things in and “take” things out. Each cabin also has overhead storage space that spills over into the hall ceiling, above the pale blue “nightlight” flat electroluminescent strips.

The brighter daytime lighting in the long overhead strip in both coaches is perhaps provided by a highly efficient, bright white “sulfur microwave lamp”.

At the other end of the car, P’rng, who has snuck around our photographer, is standing in the “back door” emergency “Foolproof Airlock”. Between the aft bulkhead and the airlock itself is a small changing room to don a spacesuit, although on Mars not quite so rigorous a spacesuit is needed as for vacuum work.

Banker Visits the Set

Banker Tomorrow Takes a Holiday

A visit by Oregon L5 Society Financial Avatar Banker Tomorrow (right of center) gives a chance to show the scale (the tire next to him is nearly twice his height) and a good exposure of the “NSS Expeditions” sign. A “Financial Avatar” is a corporate person who holds the Linden-dollar financial assets of an in–world group, in this case Oregon L5 Society chapter of National Space Society. He has come by to take in the sights at the Second Life 12th Birthday Celebration and pick up some free swag along the way. NSS in Second Life also offered free items . . . including ice skates!

Banker’s Tour 1

Banker’s Tour, Part 1

There are kilometers of streets at these huge Birthday celebrations, and Pod Tours are a popular way of winding around to get a good overview. Several Performance Stages are constantly in use, but Banker is sight–seeing, taking in exhibits from naturalistic gardens (lower right) to high-tech educational displays (upper left).

Banker’s Tour 2

Banker’s Tour, Part 2

Continuing his tour, Banker sees more creative builds, from part of a small old–town street, to a 3–tier cake, to ladders in the clouds (upper right). Wonder where those go? He’ll have to come back later to find out.

Banker’s Banquet

Banker’s Tour, Part 3: Banker’s Banquet

Here was a strange, yet charming little tableau inside the cake. Banker found an empty seat at a banquet reminiscent of the Lost Boys’ fantasy feast in the movie Hook.

Banker Home Late

Banker Comes Home Late

By the time Banker returned to the NSS Expeditions’ Mars Adventure Tourism exhibit, night had fallen and it was long after–hours. The Lounge was empty and the night–lights provided only dim illumination.

Banker Sleeps

Banker “Drops Like A Rock” Fast Asleep

Banker was so tired, he stumbled into the bed in his suite and fell straight asleep. He even forgot to remove his hat! (There are rumors it is attached.)

Note: the beds are supplied with a script and an alternate configuration, such that one can select and “sit” on the bed from a pop-up menu, upon which one finds oneself snuggled under the bulging covers and asleep. This is just one of the many fine details possible in the virtual world.

Banker Dreams

What Dreams May Come?

Maybe it was all the adventures, or maybe the rich food. Banker’s dreams were filled with fantastic images. What was at the top of those ladders in the clouds?

Yuri’s Night 2015 April 12 April 12, 2015

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Opal Lei’s new Saturn Stage sets the mood for Emileigh Starbrook’s DJ dance selections at the 2015 Yuri’s Night, co-sponsored by NSS and the International Spaceflight Museum.

Opal Lei’s new Saturn Stage sets the mood for Emileigh Starbrook’s DJ dance selections at the 2015 Yuri’s Night, co-sponsored by NSS and the International Spaceflight Museum.
For several years NSS in Second Life has partnered with the International Spaceflight Museum, a nonprofit — and now tax-exempt! — Second Life activity, to host a Yuri’s Night Dance on April 12, date of the first human launched into space, Yuri Gagarin, from the old Soviet Union (Russia) in 1961. This year SL builder Opal Lei presented ISM with a new venue, high in the sky: Saturn and its moons! Here we see the dance floor on a sliced-in-half Saturn, with tables and chairs sitting on Saturn’s Rings. Emileigh Starbrook provided music and DJ services.

Spring Comes to EML-1 BALLroom — 2015 March 29 March 29, 2015

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Snow melts into mud; the ice rink melts into a pool: Spring arrives at the EML-1 BALLroom Indoor Park.

Snow melts into mud; the ice rink melts into a pool: Spring arrives at the EML-1 BALLroom Indoor Park.

The winter clouds lighten, temperatures rise, the winter snow melts into slippery mud, and the dance-floor ice rink melts, returning moisture to the air and ground of the artificially-maintained park at the Earth-Moon L1 Space BALLroom in Second Life. Planetologist and Groundskeeper P’rng Flagstaff watches over the process. Galoshes recommended. We regularly meet at the table under the whiteboard directly across the room. Earth-Moon L1 BALLroom (MEET HERE MONDAYS 15:00 PACIFIC TIME): http://slurl.com/secondlife/National%20Space%20Society/109/142/1260 .

Second Life Science Fiction Convention — 2015 February 20 – March 01 March 1, 2015

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Bunker With A Heart: Apollo 17 MuseumThis Exhibit Won Third Place for Themed Exhibits at the Con. Trophy received 2015 03 12. Build permanently moved to Tranquility Base level at NSS in SL.

National Space Society was able to secure a 32m x 32m “open-air booth” at the Second Life Science Fiction Convention, February 20 to March 01, 2015. This year’s theme was “Future Sci-Fi Resort”. After some brainstorming, our team decided to build on our success with the Apollo 11 Landing Site display from 2014. We started with a basic bunker design from Asterion Coen of Paris, and built up an “Apollo 17 Visitor’s Center Museum”. The pressurized building would be emplaced on the Moon adjacent to the preserved Apollo 17 site, last of the Apollo explorations.

We requested, and were given, a small parcel located on “high ground” so we would be visible from afar while staying within the 42m building height restriction.

Inside the Museum, we included an Apollo Flight Profile poster; publicity photo of the crew; and some Apollo memorabilia including the crew patch, final memorial plaque, a full-size Lunar Roving Vehicle (LRV) and full-size Lunar Excursion Module (LEM lander). Overhead in “outer space” a sculpture representing a launched Apollo stack rose into the sky. In the enclosed screenshot, our P’rng Flagstaff waves from the entrance. A wave of welcome, and of farewell to Leonard Nimoy, who died February 27, near the end of the Convention.

Visitors received the following greeting when they passed through the entrance:

“Welcome to the Apollo 17 Visitor Center and Museum, sponsored by National Space Society.

“The Center is built just outside the Apollo 17 site, which is preserved as it was left. It was dedicated on December 7, 2072, on the 100th Anniversary of the launch of the last Apollo flight.

“Within are exhibits from the days of Apollo. Touch the displays for more information. Consider the daring and bravery of these explorers using mid-20th Century technology.

“Enjoy your visit to this museum of “The End of the Beginning” of lunar exploration. Feel free to ask our volunteer docents any questions. Thanks for visiting!”

After the Convention, the organizing committee presented a trophy to NSS in Second Life for “2015 Best in Theme 3rd Place”, a great showing given there were several dozen exhibitors. This prize-winning set is preserved on a section of the Tranquillity Base site at NSS in Second Life, specifically http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/National%20Space%20Society/169/168/3675 .

Day of the remembrance Saturday 31 January, 3-5pm SL time January 27, 2015

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Snapshot day of remembrance 2015_001

We’ll begin with a discussion of NASA’s Astronaut Remembrance Day and the tragedies that brought it about (Apollo 1, Challenger, Columbia). Then we’ll broaden our perspective to include others who have lost their lives to our dreams of space, such as ground crew, test pilots, commercial ventures and such. The recent Virgin Galactic loss of life, and what that means for commercial space will be discussed, and how all of the risks vs. rewards affect human spaceflight going forward.

Halloween Event October 29, 2014

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On Friday the 31st at 5 to 8pm SL time, the National Space Society in SL will welcome members and visitors for the usual Halloween event.

Wear you favorite pumpkin hat and join us for the party!

NSS Halloween

Mars Comet Fly-By Viewing Party Oct. 19 2014, 8am to noon SL time October 15, 2014

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Comet Siding Spring poster

Comet Siding Spring or C/2013 A1 will be making its close approach to Mars this October 19th, getting three times closer to Mars than the Moon is to the Earth!

Join us at National Space Society in Second life to follow the event, at moon surface floor (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/National%20Space%20Society/230/89/801)

World Space Week 2013 in Second Life September 17, 2013

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World Space Week in Second Life, 2013 October 04 — 10, will be held this year at the Yuri’s Night Party Place built by Emileigh Starbrook high over Spaceport Bravo at the International Spaceflight Museum. ISM is actively seeking participants and activities to mark this year’s theme: Exploring Mars, Discovering Earth.

See: http://slispaceflightmuseum.org/w/index.php?title=Space_Week_2013_fashion_challenge

NSS in Second Life is a co-sponsor of the event; in particular, we are having a Martian Fashion Show, open to everyone, on Saturday, 2013 October 05, 15:00. There are two categories: Inside Habitats (i.e., under pressure, radiation-protected) and Outside Habitats (i.e., low non-breathable atmospheric pressure; no radiation within lavatubes or shielded areas, but some radiation hazard out in the open; sandy/dusty environment). Entrants need not have made their outfits themselves. There is a small prize for the “best” (by audience vote) in each category: L$500 apiece. Note that’s LINDEN Dollars, not U.S. Dollars. You can spend the money directly for Second Life goods, or there are conversions through one or more Exchanges to your local “real life” currency.

There will be a workshop for those interested conducted by Opal Lei before the event, on September 28 at 15:00. Orientation workshop to show you the runway and the tools we would use for the fashion show. We’ll also discuss what would happen in the show. You can also get feedback about the outfit you are putting together at this time.

If you just want to wear your fashion selections without formally entering the contest, that’s fine too and we love to see the creativity and variety.

We have also arranged for Emileigh Starbrook, who besides being a builder is also a DJ in Second Life, to conduct a dance after the competition, 18:00 — 20:00.

All times given are Second Life Time (SLT), which corresponds to Pacific Time (U.S.), the time at Linden Labs (creators of Second Life) corporate headquarters in San Francisco, CA USA.