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Getting Through your birth experience in SL at Orientation Island January 1, 2008

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LchaimPhoto by Rosefirerising Meet Lchaim our guide through Orientation IslandHello, apparently many NSS members seem to have a problem getting through Orientation Island.  SL gives birth to your avatar at this point, and many seem very confused, and at times experience a freezing expierence that most second life people call LAG.   I want to get LAG and Crashing out of the way first because many get frustrated, especially if they do not know what they are experiencing.In simple terms you experience LAG when your computer client software SLOWS DOWN.  Well if it happens, it happens, and you may eventually need to log off.  LAG will impede your navigation of orientation island, and you may need a better computer, or video card to improve your experience.  LAG also occurs because the server software SLOWS DOWN, which of course SLOWS DOWN your computer client software.  Also sometimes the SL server crashes, or has a rolling restart, which will crash your region.  You can crash and not seem to crash, but try talking in chat and see if your words echo in the chat box.  Instant Messages seems to continue to work, so you may need to say “Have I crashed” and look in the chat box.  Do not get mad because no one seems to answer your Instant Messages (IM), because you may have crashed and not know it.Okay back to the main theme, Getting Through Orientation Island.What is Orientation Island?  Well it is your birthplace in Second Life (SL) and it is where you learn the basics of how to control your avitar. What kind of controls?  There are four areas at the entrance hub. 



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