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2016 Space Remembrance Day January 28, 2016

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National Space Society in Second Life (NSS in SL) Announces:

2016 Space Remembrance Day
Sunday, January 31, Noon to 2:00 pm Pacific Time
At the “Space Remembrance Walk” adjacent to the NASA Neil A. Armstrong Library and Archives

Space Remembrance Walk

Space Remembrance Walk at NSS in Second Life

Space Remembrance Walk at NSS in Second Life

Join us at Noon to remember those who gave their lives making our dreams of space a reality, advancing the day people will live, work and play in thriving communities beyond the Earth. We will discuss astronauts and crews, test pilots and civilians: all those we lost along the way; also space risks, accidents and disasters, and how they affect space exploration and development.

Then from 1:00 to 2:00 p.m. (Pacific) space musician Cypress Rosewood will perform a live Memorial Concert. Legendary composer-performer Cypress Rosewood creates musical magic with flutes, guitars and synthesizers throughout the SL world and is a metamedia treat to see live, in concert.

Cypress Rosewood

Cypress Rosewood: Live Music Performances On The Grid

Cypress Rosewood: Live Music Performance On The Grid

There is no charge. Donations are welcomed, however, by Cypress Rosewood and by NSS in SL (NSS donations are tax-deductible).

Please join us for this annual event and this year’s special concert. Worldwide public is invited.

As always, those not already familiar with Second Life, a computer Virtual Reality platform, should go to http://secondlife.com a couple of days in advance to go through tutorials and become familiar navigating “in-world”. Press the “Play for Free” button to set yourself up with an “avatar” and free software client, then after going through basic orientation you can paste this URL into your browser to attend the Space Remembrance: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/National%20Space%20Society/105/141/3005. Clicking on the map reference in the image will launch Second Life (if not already running) and teleport you right to the site. Participation in Second Life is free.

Do not be alarmed if seating appears limited. We are experts at making more seating. Sitting is preferred, actually, because it reduces CPU load and allows more avatars to attend.

Notice: Space Remembrance Day in Second Life is not formally affiliated with NASA’s Day of Remembrance, held this year on January 28, the 30th Anniversary of the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster. Unlike NASA’s Day of Remembrance, our Space Remembrance Day in Second Life is not limited to the United States, but is humanity-wide in scope, because we feel Space Development is a species-wide imperative.


Spring Comes to EML-1 BALLroom — 2015 March 29 March 29, 2015

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Snow melts into mud; the ice rink melts into a pool: Spring arrives at the EML-1 BALLroom Indoor Park.

Snow melts into mud; the ice rink melts into a pool: Spring arrives at the EML-1 BALLroom Indoor Park.

The winter clouds lighten, temperatures rise, the winter snow melts into slippery mud, and the dance-floor ice rink melts, returning moisture to the air and ground of the artificially-maintained park at the Earth-Moon L1 Space BALLroom in Second Life. Planetologist and Groundskeeper P’rng Flagstaff watches over the process. Galoshes recommended. We regularly meet at the table under the whiteboard directly across the room. Earth-Moon L1 BALLroom (MEET HERE MONDAYS 15:00 PACIFIC TIME): http://slurl.com/secondlife/National%20Space%20Society/109/142/1260 .

Day of the remembrance Saturday 31 January, 3-5pm SL time January 27, 2015

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Snapshot day of remembrance 2015_001

We’ll begin with a discussion of NASA’s Astronaut Remembrance Day and the tragedies that brought it about (Apollo 1, Challenger, Columbia). Then we’ll broaden our perspective to include others who have lost their lives to our dreams of space, such as ground crew, test pilots, commercial ventures and such. The recent Virgin Galactic loss of life, and what that means for commercial space will be discussed, and how all of the risks vs. rewards affect human spaceflight going forward.

Halloween Event October 29, 2014

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On Friday the 31st at 5 to 8pm SL time, the National Space Society in SL will welcome members and visitors for the usual Halloween event.

Wear you favorite pumpkin hat and join us for the party!

NSS Halloween

Mars Comet Fly-By Viewing Party Oct. 19 2014, 8am to noon SL time October 15, 2014

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Comet Siding Spring poster

Comet Siding Spring or C/2013 A1 will be making its close approach to Mars this October 19th, getting three times closer to Mars than the Moon is to the Earth!

Join us at National Space Society in Second life to follow the event, at moon surface floor (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/National%20Space%20Society/230/89/801)

World Space Week 2013 in Second Life September 17, 2013

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World Space Week in Second Life, 2013 October 04 — 10, will be held this year at the Yuri’s Night Party Place built by Emileigh Starbrook high over Spaceport Bravo at the International Spaceflight Museum. ISM is actively seeking participants and activities to mark this year’s theme: Exploring Mars, Discovering Earth.

See: http://slispaceflightmuseum.org/w/index.php?title=Space_Week_2013_fashion_challenge

NSS in Second Life is a co-sponsor of the event; in particular, we are having a Martian Fashion Show, open to everyone, on Saturday, 2013 October 05, 15:00. There are two categories: Inside Habitats (i.e., under pressure, radiation-protected) and Outside Habitats (i.e., low non-breathable atmospheric pressure; no radiation within lavatubes or shielded areas, but some radiation hazard out in the open; sandy/dusty environment). Entrants need not have made their outfits themselves. There is a small prize for the “best” (by audience vote) in each category: L$500 apiece. Note that’s LINDEN Dollars, not U.S. Dollars. You can spend the money directly for Second Life goods, or there are conversions through one or more Exchanges to your local “real life” currency.

There will be a workshop for those interested conducted by Opal Lei before the event, on September 28 at 15:00. Orientation workshop to show you the runway and the tools we would use for the fashion show. We’ll also discuss what would happen in the show. You can also get feedback about the outfit you are putting together at this time.

If you just want to wear your fashion selections without formally entering the contest, that’s fine too and we love to see the creativity and variety.

We have also arranged for Emileigh Starbrook, who besides being a builder is also a DJ in Second Life, to conduct a dance after the competition, 18:00 — 20:00.

All times given are Second Life Time (SLT), which corresponds to Pacific Time (U.S.), the time at Linden Labs (creators of Second Life) corporate headquarters in San Francisco, CA USA.

Regolith Roaster Prototype February 10, 2010

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Sine Arrow has been translating some diagrams from inventor Peter Schubert of Packer Engineering in Naperville, IL USA for a “dust roaster” resource extraction process into a 3-D model in Second Life. For the moment you can find it here:

http://slurl.com/secondlife/National%20Space%20Society/80/58/301 .

Schubert gave a special presentation about his invention to the Oregon L5 Research Team, managers of the NSS Sim in Second Life, in 2009. Please note this represents technology patented by Packer Engineering, used here by permission, and they hold all rights.

After the NASA CoLab meeting yesterday (2010 February 09), Sine gave a guided tour of the new construction. Included in the tour: the regolith melting and molten drip tower, the supersonic venturi and drift tube, the “bell assembly” with internal skimmers (resource extractors) and manifold (see screenshot below), and the “waste collector” that drops depleted resolidified regolith residue into a lunar truck.

It wasn’t until after the tour I thought to take a picture. D’uh!

Prng at the Regolith Roaster Screenshot
Prng Flagstaff for scale at the Schubert Regolith Roaster “Bell” Skimmer component