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P’rng Flagstaff, Checking In September 1, 2007

Posted by Bryce Walden in Avatars, Blogroll.
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It’s not easy being green . . . and pointy-eared!

NSS’ P’rng Flagstaff at a meeting of the Space Riggers at NASA CoLab. Also a Manager, Planetologist, and Builder at Oregon L5 Lavatube Base at CoLab and for the NSSinSL Sim.

Hello! You will notice from my slightly greenish skin and pointy ears that I am Vulcan, as in the Star Trek universe. I followed my friend Ariel Miranda into Second Life. Currently serving as an ambassador with the Vulcan Diplomatic Corps.

In “real life“ I’m a researcher with the Oregon L5 Society, chapter of National Space Society, with my name on several papers of divers topics penned by the Oregon L5 Research Team. For more on that, see http://www.OregonL5.org .

Here in Second Life I have worked on creative planetology on the Oregon L5 project at NASA CoLab and at NSS Sim. Also participated in general designs and construction at the Oregon L5 Lavatube Base and, later, at NSS in Second Life. In addition, I am [n.b. was — CoLab folded due to funding] active in the Space Riggers group at CoLab that assists CoLab and affiliated entities with construction and furnishing their Second Life projects. I’m also an Alternate to the SciLands Senate on behalf of NSS Sim after Senator Ariel Miranda.
Peace and Long Life from P’rng Flagstaff and your friends from Vulcan.