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Blog shows signs of life after long nap September 17, 2013

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Some new Categories, three new Pages started. May need some oil and a battery recharge.
–Prng Flagstaff


Regolith Roaster Prototype February 10, 2010

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Sine Arrow has been translating some diagrams from inventor Peter Schubert of Packer Engineering in Naperville, IL USA for a “dust roaster” resource extraction process into a 3-D model in Second Life. For the moment you can find it here:

http://slurl.com/secondlife/National%20Space%20Society/80/58/301 .

Schubert gave a special presentation about his invention to the Oregon L5 Research Team, managers of the NSS Sim in Second Life, in 2009. Please note this represents technology patented by Packer Engineering, used here by permission, and they hold all rights.

After the NASA CoLab meeting yesterday (2010 February 09), Sine gave a guided tour of the new construction. Included in the tour: the regolith melting and molten drip tower, the supersonic venturi and drift tube, the “bell assembly” with internal skimmers (resource extractors) and manifold (see screenshot below), and the “waste collector” that drops depleted resolidified regolith residue into a lunar truck.

It wasn’t until after the tour I thought to take a picture. D’uh!

Prng at the Regolith Roaster Screenshot
Prng Flagstaff for scale at the Schubert Regolith Roaster “Bell” Skimmer component

Happy New Year! January 3, 2008

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A New Year for NSS in SLPrng and Ariel (Bryce and Cheryl) dance in the New Year beside the new Suitable Space Gear outfitters kiosk.  As the new year begins, we’ll be shifting gears and seriously digging into the business of settling our space sim. 

Getting Through your birth experience in SL at Orientation Island January 1, 2008

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LchaimPhoto by Rosefirerising Meet Lchaim our guide through Orientation IslandHello, apparently many NSS members seem to have a problem getting through Orientation Island.  SL gives birth to your avatar at this point, and many seem very confused, and at times experience a freezing expierence that most second life people call LAG.   I want to get LAG and Crashing out of the way first because many get frustrated, especially if they do not know what they are experiencing.In simple terms you experience LAG when your computer client software SLOWS DOWN.  Well if it happens, it happens, and you may eventually need to log off.  LAG will impede your navigation of orientation island, and you may need a better computer, or video card to improve your experience.  LAG also occurs because the server software SLOWS DOWN, which of course SLOWS DOWN your computer client software.  Also sometimes the SL server crashes, or has a rolling restart, which will crash your region.  You can crash and not seem to crash, but try talking in chat and see if your words echo in the chat box.  Instant Messages seems to continue to work, so you may need to say “Have I crashed” and look in the chat box.  Do not get mad because no one seems to answer your Instant Messages (IM), because you may have crashed and not know it.Okay back to the main theme, Getting Through Orientation Island.What is Orientation Island?  Well it is your birthplace in Second Life (SL) and it is where you learn the basics of how to control your avitar. What kind of controls?  There are four areas at the entrance hub. 

Four Areas for learning at Orientation Island #1 Move January 1, 2008

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You will find four main areas, Move, Appearance, Search, and Communication, so L’chaim arbitrarily picked Move first.



All Photography by Rosefirerisng.

On his journey into this area he had to use either his movemet keys in SL, or on his keyboard for basic movement.


In Second Life besides walking and using vehicles to get you around, you can actually fly.


Lchaim decided to take the flight training.



P’rng Flagstaff, Checking In September 1, 2007

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It’s not easy being green . . . and pointy-eared!

NSS’ P’rng Flagstaff at a meeting of the Space Riggers at NASA CoLab. Also a Manager, Planetologist, and Builder at Oregon L5 Lavatube Base at CoLab and for the NSSinSL Sim.

Hello! You will notice from my slightly greenish skin and pointy ears that I am Vulcan, as in the Star Trek universe. I followed my friend Ariel Miranda into Second Life. Currently serving as an ambassador with the Vulcan Diplomatic Corps.

In “real life“ I’m a researcher with the Oregon L5 Society, chapter of National Space Society, with my name on several papers of divers topics penned by the Oregon L5 Research Team. For more on that, see http://www.OregonL5.org .

Here in Second Life I have worked on creative planetology on the Oregon L5 project at NASA CoLab and at NSS Sim. Also participated in general designs and construction at the Oregon L5 Lavatube Base and, later, at NSS in Second Life. In addition, I am [n.b. was — CoLab folded due to funding] active in the Space Riggers group at CoLab that assists CoLab and affiliated entities with construction and furnishing their Second Life projects. I’m also an Alternate to the SciLands Senate on behalf of NSS Sim after Senator Ariel Miranda.
Peace and Long Life from P’rng Flagstaff and your friends from Vulcan.

Victoria Crater August 16, 2007

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This piece of Mars sits above JPL’s Explorer Island, two sims to our east. It is made of new ‘sculpty prims’ based on actual DEM data and is the site being explored by the rover Opportunity. JPL is hoping to have a model rover moving across the terrain matching the original’s movements in near-realtime very soon.

Victoria Crater

Our new ‘banking avatar’ Synthetic Jewell looks out on Victoria Crater…a piece of Mars above JPL’s Explorer Island two sims to our east.

Watch the World(s) August 2, 2007

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Please take a look at this truly remarkable video by Robbie Dingo that says so much more about design and construction in Second Life than an infinite number of words can express:

Watch the World(s)

The NSS Observation Platform August 2, 2007

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In order to provide a ‘safe’ and comfortable place for people to watch the ongoing activity while we’re still in the process of terrain editing, we’ve set up an observation platform above the main lava trench. This also gives us a place to meet, hang out, and even hold modest events until more permanent infrastructure is in place.

NSS Observation Platform
Coffee, anyone?

Our Office in NASA CoLab’s HQ August 2, 2007

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We are delighted that not only have we been able to participate in NASA CoLab, the sim owned by NASA-Ames, but that CoLab has given NSS in SL an office, Main 6, in its headquarters building. Here we are right in the middle of the space community of Second Life.

NSS in SL office in NASA CoLab
Presently the office is overflowing with possible terrain models for the new NSS sim.