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Regolith Roaster Prototype February 10, 2010

Posted by Bryce Walden in Activities at NSS Region in the SciLands, Second Life.
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Sine Arrow has been translating some diagrams from inventor Peter Schubert of Packer Engineering in Naperville, IL USA for a “dust roaster” resource extraction process into a 3-D model in Second Life. For the moment you can find it here:

http://slurl.com/secondlife/National%20Space%20Society/80/58/301 .

Schubert gave a special presentation about his invention to the Oregon L5 Research Team, managers of the NSS Sim in Second Life, in 2009. Please note this represents technology patented by Packer Engineering, used here by permission, and they hold all rights.

After the NASA CoLab meeting yesterday (2010 February 09), Sine gave a guided tour of the new construction. Included in the tour: the regolith melting and molten drip tower, the supersonic venturi and drift tube, the “bell assembly” with internal skimmers (resource extractors) and manifold (see screenshot below), and the “waste collector” that drops depleted resolidified regolith residue into a lunar truck.

It wasn’t until after the tour I thought to take a picture. D’uh!

Prng at the Regolith Roaster Screenshot
Prng Flagstaff for scale at the Schubert Regolith Roaster “Bell” Skimmer component